Computer System Research Group

Security Research Team (SRT)

Security Research Team is a group of students from Federico Santa María Technical University focused on research and application of concepts related to computer security. Its main goals are:

  • Research, understand and apply methods used nowadays to vulnerate systems and applications, with the purpose of developing effective defense techniques.
  • Describe and spread these techniques into the computer science community, specially in our career, and thus stimulate and contribute to the develop of secure and trustable applications.
  • Keep a permanent discussion about the importance of security in computer systems and technology in general, having in mind that they are a fundamental support in the operation of modern society.


Know the fundamentals of computer systems security and understand them fully through practice, applying current techniques and tools which will allow us to generate effective methods of protection, thus creating a computer security culture.


Understand the critical rol that computer security has in the digital era, specially in a society that every day is depending more on technology, and where trusting in computer systems is fundamental.